New Book

Hey, dear brothers and sisters!

I just finished a short book on my year of being in the hospital.

Better yet,  of my vision of Heaven.

I should title the book, "Spilling My Guts."

But I won't.

Anyway, in a month or so I am going to have it available.

It might make a perfect stocking stuffer!

Save it for Sunday, Dad

Sometimes I use my daughters as a test crew.

I preach certain points at the dinner table.

I look to observe their reactions.

When I start to go too far out into theology, they give me a heads up.

"Save it for Sunday, Dad."

That's when I know it's time to stop preaching and start eating.

All I know is this.

Our Father did indeed "save it for Sunday."

He raised His Son from the grave.

On Sunday.

My Savior has "saved me on Sunday."

His Resurrection has become my salvation.

The Holy Spirit, every week, "saves us on Sunday."

As we gather in the House of the Lord.

We are saved by Grace.


Amazing Grace.

How Sweet the Sound.

That Saved a Wretch Like Me.

I hope we sing that song this weekend.

I think we outta save that one for Sunday!



Unclutter Your Christianity

Today I am in a season of uncluttering.

Not (just) my garage.

Or my office.

Much more importantly and more daily needed....

I'm uncluttering my Christianity.

When I clutter the Old Covenant with the New Covenant,

the result will always be "Cluttered Christianity."

It will bring you down.  It will burden your soul.

The way to clean up all the rummage of stress and blues is this:

"It is Finished."

That's it.  That is all.

And guess who gets the glory?

Not you!  :)

He Can Redeem It All

I have been sick for many years.

My wife has put up with it marvelously.

My daughters have put up with it patiently.

And now my wife, and at least two of my daughters...

Want to be Nurses.

God is able to redeem all things.

Even Brain Meningitis and Crohn's Disease.

Out of Touch

We read Psalm 44 yesterday at Church.

Words such as:

"Why are you sleeping, Lord?"


"Our soul is bowed down to the dust."

Why don't we hear such sentiments in our worship music today?

My opinion is when it comes to our worship in the USA...

We are not in touch with reality.

Jessica Courson

I miss my sister.

I was either the first or one of the very first to approach her crumpled Volkswagen.

The year was 1994.

I was eighteen.

I will never be the same.

It still hurts for me.


I saw her.


In Heaven. 

A few weeks ago.

A vision from the Lord.

I will carry on.

You'll Get There

Jonah was on a year long journey....

In the opposite direction of Nineveh.

But the Lord got him to where he was supposed to be.

I believe there is God's plan.

There is no plan B.

It may simply take longer, be more inconvenient....

When I delay to obey.