Humble Yourself

Solomon's son wanted to outdo his pops.

Rehoboam declared, "My dad chastened you with whips.  But I will use scorpions!"

And he lost half his kingdom.

It wasn't the end of the world for David's grandson, though.

He got older.  Wiser.  Nicer.

The Scriptures say,  "When Rehoboam humbled himself, the wrath of God turned from him,

so as not to destroy him completely and things also went well in Judah."

Bad start.  Nice recovery. 

Today things may not be looking so great for you right now.

Perhaps you're having to eat your words or shake your head.

Humble yourself.  Before our Lord.  And He will lift you up.

Ask Rehoboam.

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day this Sunday.

I am grateful that my father is also my daughters' hero.

They think he is funny.  And thoughtful.  And kind.

When he pops in during their friend conventions at our house, 

he is the center of their entertainment.

And he has yet to miss his granddaughter's softball game or a cheerleading event.

My four daughters may not know this...

What I appreciate the most about their Papa John is that he prays for them every single day.

This Father's Day,  Dads...

 Do the very best thing that is possible to do for your kids or grandkids...

Place them into the hands of our Father through your prayers.

And know that as you do,  the Father in Heaven says about you...

"This is my son in whom I am well pleased."

For you are in Christ.  And therefore,  you are pleasing to the Father.


This One Thing

There is a certain workout tee-shirt that states:

"Everything Hurts.  And I'm Dying."

Well,  there are times I do not have to be in a gym to say that.

Sometimes I could wear that shirt in my house.  Or my office.  Or my bed.


When my body hurts.

And I feel I can hardly go on.

Or everything seems to be going down.

Even if nothing else...

Today.  On this day...

I can think and I can say....

"This one thing I know and nothing else:  Jesus Christ and Him crucified."  2 Cor. 2:2


Take No Thought...

I choose to believe that I cannot fall away from Jesus tomorrow.

There are some who disagree with that perspective.

They believe one is able to walk away from their salvation.

They have every right to be wrong on that particular subject.

But whether one believes that they can or cannot fall away from Jesus tomorrow....

The better way of thinking than either of those two scenarios...

Is to not think about tomorrow at all.

Because today has enough trials and dilemmas of it's own.

Jesus is very wise.

Good words, Lord!

I won't ponder if I might fall away from Him tomorrow.

And I know He has me today.

We Will Not Die

Well,  I had an appointment with my brain surgeon a couple of days ago.

He still shakes his head.  He had never seen anything like it. 

He can't believe that I survived.  I was a few hours from death.

But I'm alive.

Better yet,  Jesus is alive.

We will never die.

The New Testament says that we simply "sleep."

I love that statement.

Taking a nap is always a nice thing.

You lay down and then get back up again. 

We will lay down.  But we will get back up again.


More Like Jesus

A sure way to stunt your Christian growth is to focus on it.

No one will add a single inch to their height through worry.

The reverse psychology of the Gospel of Grace is that the less you are focused on yourself...

The more you can and the more you will become more like Jesus.

The Big Three

Peter.  James.  John.

The "Big Three". 

Not merely for who they were but what they meant.

Peter.  His name means "Rock".  Not The Rock, as in Petra.  That is God. 

But a small stone.

James.  His name is Jacob in the Hebrew. 

In both cases, it means "Supplanter".  Or "Replace".

John.  His name means "Jehovah has Grace" in both Greek and Hebrew.

So there is a reason that when these three guys were together....

When they were called apart by Jesus from the other twelve....

It is always in the order of Peter, James, and John. 

No exception.


The Stone has been Replaced by Grace.

The Law has been superseded.

And these three men knew it more than anyone else! :)

All Things

Life is a journey.

The journey is not always pleasant.

However, it is perfect.

"All things work together for the good to them that love God" Romans 8:28.

Notice, it does not say that "All things are good".  Rather, they are good once put together.

When I consider the various events of my own life,  I don't know if everything is "good".

However, I am convinced that everything combined is good.

Indeed, not a few things.  Or some things....but everything (!) works together for the good.