Even so, Lord

I have four beautiful daughters; ranging from 15 to 9 years of age.

My prayer is somehow they would:

A) Suffer less than I have.

B) Know Jesus more than I have.

How can both of these things happen for them?

I do not know.

But, I can pray.

Even so, let it be, Lord Jesus.

Heaven on Earth

Peter, James, and John were not abandoned by Elijah and Moses.

They simply didn't see them any longer. (Matthew 17:1-10)

Elijah and Moses were there.  Yet no longer seen.

Heaven will be the greatest revelation we have ever had.

Because....we will see none but Jesus only.

We will all be there. And aware that we are all there.

Yet, you watch: our paradise will be that all eyes are on Jesus.

So start focusing on Him now.

If you do, there will be something of Heaven on Earth.

Better than that, there will be Heaven after Earth.




The Worst for the Best

I would not wish these past days upon my worst enemy.

The pain. The surgeries. The questions and the results.

But the Lord our God has revealed Heaven to me.

He has comforted me. He has healed me.


I would not wish these past days upon my worst enemy.

But I would wish the things upon my best friends.

You see, in so many of my previous trials in life....

I embrace them with the hope my kids never have to experience such difficulty.

However, in this, the greatest physical trial of my life...

The payoff of seeing Heaven has been so rewarding....

I would even be glad to allow my kids to suffer as I have....

Knowing that they would see what I have recently seen.

Therefore, I'd never wish these past days upon my worst enemy,

But I would rejoice if they were experienced by my best friends. 


Just Visiting

What if we lived today as though we were at Disneyland?

In other words, we were just visiting.

Good food. High prices. Okay rides....

Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Tiredland....

In it all, today is good. And we are just visiting.

Abraham did that.

He owned no land in Canaan. 

He was just visiting.

And he found joy in just visiting.

He did finally buy a plot of land in his old age.

It was to bury both he and his wife, Sarah, in it's boundaries.

In other words, Abraham knew this was not his home.

I promise you, he does not regret living that way.

Go ahead. Get a day pass. But take no thought for tomorrow.

We are just passing through. We are just visiting.

Heaven Part 7

At the age of 5, my mom went to Heaven.

Thirteen years later, at the age of 18, my sister went to Heaven.

At the age of 21, I nearly died from severe Crohn's Disease in Vanuatu.

At 35, I nearly died from Crohn's. Again.

At 39, I nearly died from Cerebral Meningitis.

Now at 40, I am in the hospital.

I nearly died as my bowels flew out.


The Lord is very angry with me.


Heaven will be so. much. fun!!!!

I've been through hell. 

I've seen Heaven.

Let me tell you...

It is worth it. Easily. No questions asked.

These are merely light trials in comparison.



Heaven Part 5

The very closest thing to describe the "streets" I saw....

Fields of Barley.

Fields short in height. But golden fields, nonetheless.

And we danced in those fields.

And sang. And laughed.

We were dancing toward a citadel. 

(That's my best to describe it).

It was black and yet you could gaze right through it.

The only places you could not were those places of multiple layers.

There were large walls but no gates.

As we danced there, it felt as though we were going to enter.

But that was the end of my vision.

It was the greatest experience of my life.

My largest question following such an encounter:

Why did I not see Jesus?

All I know is as much as I'd desire to see Him....

At that moment, I felt Him.  He was there.

And I can't wait to see Him.