Pray Out Loud

Like you, I pray without ceasing.

All day long.

Not always super eloquent.

Nor even always formal.

It's a kind of running conversation.

Though, I must admit, I am never running.

(Although I should!)

Yet this morning, it hit me like a sledgehammer....

In a nice way.

God hears me when I pray.

As do angels.

Saints who have gone before me.

And demons.

All manner of unseen spirits and forces are listening in.

That is why it so impacted my prayer life today.

Not to merely whisper my prayer.

Certainly not to mumble them.

But to speak them loud and clear.

For God is listening.

As are many, many others.

Note: Even when we confess our fear or sin to the Lord, I am certain it is edited and censored in the hearing of others. :)