Burnt Toast

I love the ministry.

What a privilege it is to preach the Word of God.

Yet, like anything else, it has it's ups and downs.

Sometimes I preach and feel "up."

Many times I preach and feel "down."

I sit in front of the congregation completely exposed.


Not literally! :) 

Exposed emotionally and mentally and personally.

Maybe a case of "over-exposure."

That is why on Monday I GET to remember this:

My joy must be in the God of my salvation.

Not in the ministry.

Nor my sermon.

Not even in my beautiful family.

My only hope is God.

The story of Nadab and Abihu rings true. (Leviticus 10)

They were consumed with fire because they lit "strange incense."

When I get my "fire" from anything but the Spirit through Jesus...

Like those two priest's sons...

This P.K. will soon burn out.

My fire has to come from the God of my salvation.

Or else I am toast.

Make that burnt toast.