Jesus Gets The Credit

Tax collectors.


Political zealots.

Those were Jesus' disciples.

They turned the world upside down.

For in spite of their best efforts while with Jesus....

They were saved and then used by the Grace of God.

So that it was the Lord who received all praise and adulation. 

Which means:

God will use us!

Have faith in Him.

I can't showcase my godliness.

Nor can I point to my holiness.

But I can talk about Jesus Christ.

For some reason, God has chosen to use me to do so.

You, too!

Not only that, but I can expect to be blessed this year.

For my faith is not in my faith.

And it certainly is not in my faithfulness.

My faith is in HIs faithfulness.

And that is why I expect this to be a prosperous year.

The older I get, the more I find...

That I am saved by grace.

Through faith.

And by "saved", I mean "am being saved."

And prospered.


And empowered.

Therefore, as of today...

And going forward throughout eternity....

To God be the glory!

And Jesus gets all credit.