He Will Perform

Elisabeth proclaimed to young Mary:

"Blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance

of those things which were told her from the Lord."  Luke 1:45

Mary believed.

Therefore, the Lord "performed."

When we choose to believe the Lord...

Then He shall perform.

I am aware of my shortcomings.... 

My mistakes...

My sin.

And you might be aware of yours, as well.

But we can still choose to believe.

And our Lord will perform.

He will perform those things that He has told us in His Word.

I am deeply grateful that I am able to preach the Word of God.

Highly honored that I am able to minister in His Name.

Very relieved that my teenagers love Jesus Christ.

And excited for the future of my young twins.

Finally, my wife, Amanda, is a gem of a human being and a wife.

At this point in my life....

After ups and downs, victories and defeats....

I am now more convinced than I ever was before.

That those are only the results of one thing.

I have chosen to believe in the Lord.

And He has indeed performed.

I give my Lord a "Perfect 10" for His performance!

Dear Saint....

Choose to believe in your Lord.

And He will indeed...