The greatest marriage counsel ever given.

"Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it."

So said Jesus' mother in John 2.

You know the story and are aware of the account.

Jesus told them to fill the waterpots with water.

And the servants "filled them up to the brim."

They did whatsoever Jesus told them to do.

Water into wine.

Does your marriage need a miracle?

Or how about simply a little refreshing?

Take Mary's advice.

Do whatsoever Jesus speaks for you to do.


It may not be convenient.

Or politically correct.

Maybe not even logical.

Filling waterpots rarely is.

Not when wine is what is needed.

But it works.

His Word always does.

Husbands die (to self).

Wives submit.

Spouses serve.

Be kind.

Build up.

Let go.



It may not always make sense to do these things.

But neither did filling pots with water when wine was needed.

We don't need to know how Jesus will do the miracle.

All we need to do is....