Labor to Enter

I gave a speech to my kids yesterday.

It was my birthday.

So I felt entitled. :) 

"Pursue your dreams," I told them.

"Run your race," I implored. 

"I will root you on," I said.

"Because I am finished with mine."

Indeed, I have gone to Bible College...

Lived in the South Pacific.

Started a church in the Mid-West.

Pastored 7,000 person ACF.

Was a Bible Teacher in Orange County.

Am now pastoring beside (or behind) my Dad.

I'm good.

I want them to do better.

And while some may (even validly)...

Call that laziness.

Or apathy.

Or mediocrity. 

I call it maturity.

I still want to work hard.

I no longer need to work hard.

I know who I am in Christ.

Labor to enter into God's rest.