She Packed The Lunch

Someone had to pack that little boy's lunch.

You know, the kiddo who gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish.

Jesus took the loaves.

He gave thanks.

He fed five thousand.

The boy has been (rightly) applauded throughout history.

He shared what little he had.

And Jesus did the rest.

One person rarely (if ever) noted is the woman that packed the lunch.

The mom that placed the sack into his hands.

Ever think about her?

Yeah, neither have I.

Until last Saturday.

On the Mountain Top.

When my wife, Amanda, brought that woman to our attention.

Reminding us to be faithful.

And giving us four cogent points.

I'd give them to you but it's not my insight.

It's Amanda's.

She packed the lunch.

And Jesus multiplied it last weekend.

I thought expositing the Bible was the one thing I could do better than my wife.

Simply because she never had.

Last weekend, I was proven wrong.

She packed the lunch.