Clean Windows

"Then Rahab let them down by a cord through the window..."

Joshua 2:15

The word for a cord in the our English Bible...

Is literally the cord in the Hebrew language.

Implying Rahab used a specific cord or rope to save the two Israelite spies.

Then she bound it out of her window for salvation.

Verse 18 will tell us it was a scarlet cord.

And she was a prostitute. 

Perhaps the scarlet cord was an advertisement.

The Red Light District.

Maybe a rope ladder of sorts. 

A secret point of entry to her place.

Yet, the very cord used for sin.

Was used for her salvation.

What was once an invitation for men to sleep with her.

Was now an invitation for the Lord to save her.

God didn't save you or I because we had clean windows.

He saved us and washed those windows clean.