Do You Agree?

Here is my (oversimplistic) take on the Bible.

The Law of the Old Testament is rigid.  

It is rough on the social "liberals."

For example, when a man picked up firewood on the Sabbath...

He was put to death.

The Law of the New Testament is also rigid.

But it is tough on the social "conservatives."

Whether Jesus confronting the Pharisees.

Or the Epistles calling out the Circumcisers. 

Therefore, I suggest that both the Liberal...

That means you, Leftist Leper.

And the Moral Majority....

Which is you, Conservative Concision.

Need Christ to be saved.

Equally so.

Jesus being crucified between two thieves...

Reminds me that the Left Wing can steal our salvation.

And so can the Right.

Do you agree with that perspective?