Truly, God is Good

I was feeling blue yesterday.

Then I read about Tim McGrath.

He is my age.

He loves golf.

In 2015, half of his face was removed due to cancer.

"When I woke up I was in complete shock, as well as removing part of my face and bone structure, they had removed most of the muscle in my back, they had taken a rib, and they took part of my scapula and part of my shoulder too."

Recently, doctors figured out how to fill the gap in his face.

They took muscles from his leg to fill where his face used to be.

And now he is posting these things on Facebook....

"To allow others to draw inspiration and allow others to step back a understand how grateful you should be for health and family and also being able to complete the simplest of human functions, eating, drinking, and talking."

When I read that, I said to myself...

"My day really is not all that bad."

Truly, God is good.