Gifts Versus Fruit

The New Testament makes the clear distinction between....

The Fruit of the Spirit.

And the Gifts of the Spirit.

Fruit is developed.

Gifts are given.

Therefore, what is more important...

Than preaching a great sermon.

For merely the sermon's sake.

Or playing incredible music.

Just because it is inspirational.

Painting a masterpiece for God.

Because it is beautiful.

Or leading a new move of the Spirit.

Merely for the sake of a "move."

In other words, more important than gifts that are given...

Is to see fruit developed.

We may not all preach a great sermon.

Of play incredible music.

Paint a masterpiece or lead spiritual movements.

Yet, every single one of us can love.

We can forgive our enemy.

Be kind to the stranger.

Pray for our sister or brother.

Hammer a nail or bake a cake.

Buy a lunch.

Or give a ride.

Gifts are given.

Fruit is developed.

Be nice to someone today.

In the Name of Jesus.

And that is greater than any spiritual gift.