With You

Joseph was sold into slavery.

And "the LORD was with him."

He was tossed into prison.

Once again, "the LORD was with him."

God "found" Hagar as she wept in the wilderness. 

And comforted her at the well.

It was when God saw Leah was "hated"...

He "opened up her womb."

Moses spent forty years in the backside of the desert.

And it was there he saw the "Mountain of God."

David was left out and not called upon by his father.

Yet knew even if his parents abandoned him...

The LORD would not (Psalm 27:10).

And the newly converted Paul headed into the desert.


Not for three days. 

Or three months.

But for three years!

And "conferred" with God.

In all of those instances...

Isolation wasn't the first choice that they made.

And being alone likely is not a choice that you would make.

Particularly, feeling alone.

Yet just like Joseph and Hagar.

Moses and Paul.

The Lord God will surely become more real to you in those alone times.

And not less!

So that you will say with the deepest conviction:

"I did not know God was all that I need... 

 Until God was all that I had."

Do you have some "alone" time coming up this week?

Come to the Sanctuary in the morning.

Or open your notebook and record what His Word says.

Maybe turn up the praise songs and lift up your hands.

I promise you that this you will find:

You are not alone.

And if it were even possible....

God will be with you more than ever had before!