Every Time


on Sunday night,

when you spoke forth blessing in response to a Word of Prophecy that was spoken,

I raised my hand in response.

To every single one!

Am I being too greedy? 

Should I pick and choose which ones to respond to?"

A fine, young man asked me that today.

We have our "Sanctuary Service" on Sunday nights.

Gifts of Grace.

Words of Prophecy.

Outpouring of God's Spirit.

And people respond by faith.

He was wondering if he was responding too much.

Immediately I thought of Elisha and the King of Israel.

"Take these arrows and strike the ground," the prophet told the dying king.

The amount of times he hit would be the victories he would gain.

He struck the ground with those arrows.

Three times.

"You should have struck the ground five or six times!" Elisha proclaimed.

In other words, you can't ask too much of God.

God is not merely an Employer.

Or only a King.

He is your Father.

An all powerful one, at that!

Don't tap the arrows a couple of times.

Raise your hand every time!

That is what I told my friend.