A Honored Failure

"Today you will be with me in Paradise." 

So said our Savior to the thief upon the cross.

Jesus was crucified between to thieves.

Yet Paradise was promised to one.

It has been rightly stated that there are two thieves of salvation.

For you and I it would be robbers of our joy.

One thief is Legalism.

It steals our the joy of our salvation because we are trying to be righteous on our own.

The other thief is Hedonism.

It does not care about righteousness whatsoever. 

One thief says the Gospel is "too exclusive."

The other says it is "too cheap."

Either one will rob us of the joy of our salvation.

The center of our salvation says:

"It is neither exclusive nor is it cheap."

For it is open to all.

And yet it cost Jesus so very much.

So don't be robbed of the joy of your salvation.

Believe the Gospel.

That is it neither "too exclusive."

Nor is it "too cheap."

For as one preacher stated:

"You are honored.

AND you are a failure.

Through Christ, therefore;

you are a 'Honored Failure.'"

Right in the middle.

That is Paradise! 

P.S.  Thank you for that, Augustine, Courson, and Keller