Talk About Jesus

Jesus never sat down and penned an epistle.

He never Himself wrote a Book of the Bible.

In His thirty three years, there was no publication he left behind.

One reason for that might be that He wanted His followers to talk.

Not merely point to a passage.

Or cite a reference. 

Or open up to a text.

He wanted Mary and Peter, Paul and James, Lydia and Timothy....

To converse about Him.

Imagine that!

I am not a man who likes to small talk.

The older I get...

The grumpier I am becoming.

Make that, "more contemplative and quiet."

(That's better).

But when it comes to Jesus and the Bible....

When it comes to theology and the Kingdom....

I will talk your ear off!

I confess I have little need for small talk.

But sure do love to talk about Jesus and His Kingdom.


Now I feel better about being grumpy.