I Cannot Give....

I am commanded to love my enemy.

As well as my neighbor.

And my beautiful wife.

Along with my lovely daughters.

Yet, I do know this one thing.

I cannot give what I don't have.

I have no innate love for others.

Not genuine love.

Not selfless love.

So where do I get it?

By loving God.

And being loved by God.

That is why John says:

"We know that we love the children of God,

...When we love God."

1 John 5:2

Did you get that?

It's not the way I'd have written it.

And that is why I am not an author of Scripture!

For I would have said:

"This is how you know that you love God...

When we love the children of God."

Yet it reads just the opposite of what this dork would say! 

I know that I love you...

Because I love God.

That means the way I love you...

Or my enemy.

Is through the love of God.

For I cannot give....

What I don't have.

I need....

I need His love.