Count Me Out ( I Pray)

Who hated Jesus?

I mean overall.

Tax collectors?



Or Pharisees?

You know the answer.

The following is said about the Pharisees in relationship to Jesus Christ:

They tried to "watch" Him, "test" Him,  "question" Him, and "trap" Him.

They "argued with" Him, "gathered (i.e. "swarmed") around" Him, and "plotted against" Him.

Finally, the Pharisees "sought to seize Him" and "tried to lay hands on Him."

Not one of those things are even hinted at...

 Concerning a public prostitute.

A Roman soldier.

A crazed demoniac.

Or a wandering multitude. 

In 2017, it may very well be the Pharisees who still want to crucify Him.

Therefore, whatever a "Pharisee" might be today...

I do not want to fall into that category.