Just Hold On

The rule of thumb for ministry is this:

If you can possibly quit, then do so.

If you can do anything else, then try it.

Or something like that.

That kind of statement has been attributed to C.H. Spurgeon.

And repeated by pastors ever since.


I wonder if the Lord does keep some pastors in the ministry.

Rather than those pastors keeping themselves in the ministry.

Jesus preached from Peter's boat.

Peter had to hold it.

He was a captive audience to Jesus' sermon.

Then Jesus told Peter that He would make him a Fisher of Men.

If I...this Peter....am a captive audience...

If the Lord has kept me in the ministry....

If I am simply called to hold down the fort (or the boat)...

Then it goes to show this Peter...

I am in the ministry by His grace.

Where does God have you holding the boat?

In the office?

At home?

Maybe at RCC?

He has you there for His purpose.

So don't give up.

Even if it means that.....

You just hold on!