The Long and the Short of It

Life is short.

Both the New and the Old Testament call it a "vapor."

Yet.  It was a vapor too long for Job.

And Moses.

And Elijah.

And David.

And Hannah.

I'll go ahead and put my name in there, today.

Not because I am in their company.

But I would state that though life be a vapor....

It sure is one that lingers!

However,  the Lord is good.  And He is wise.

He sees more than Moses or David.  More than you or I.

And when we get to Heaven,  we won't remember how long life was...

But we shall know just how now eternity is.

We will be in His presence.

"Let us run with endurance this race

that is set before us,

looking unto Jesus,

the author and finisher of our faith". (Hebrews 12:1-2)