Holy Controversy

"The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because

you were more in number than any other people, for you were the

least of all peoples;  but (He chose you) because the Lord loves you."


Wow!  I got some feedback from today's radio program,  "Jesus is Lord."

All I know is that Jon Courson was in studio with me.

That means I can shift everything over to my dad.

Yeah,  the man who has been Pastor Jon for 40 years now!

He and I conversed that God chose us through His foreknowledge.

We looked at Romans 8 and read the passage.

He (correctly) pointed out that it was those God foreknew

that God had predestined.

And I agreed.

Only to get loads of feedback.

All I know is this....

My Pops is correct.  God knew that you would respond to His love.

That is why He chose you.

And God chose you for one reason alone.

The reason is not that you were sensitive to His call.

Nor was I tuned in to His ways.

He chose us because....He loves us.

I bet that makes very few theologians very happy to hear me say.

That's going to just have to be the way it is.

For knowing that God chose me because He foreknew me....

And that God chose me simply because He loves me...

Causes me to say "Praise You,  Lord."

And help me not to create controversy.  Unless it is Holy.