Heaven Part 5

The very closest thing to describe the "streets" I saw....

Fields of Barley.

Fields short in height. But golden fields, nonetheless.

And we danced in those fields.

And sang. And laughed.

We were dancing toward a citadel. 

(That's my best to describe it).

It was black and yet you could gaze right through it.

The only places you could not were those places of multiple layers.

There were large walls but no gates.

As we danced there, it felt as though we were going to enter.

But that was the end of my vision.

It was the greatest experience of my life.

My largest question following such an encounter:

Why did I not see Jesus?

All I know is as much as I'd desire to see Him....

At that moment, I felt Him.  He was there.

And I can't wait to see Him.