The Good News

"No man has spoken as this Man has."

That is what the masses said of Jesus.

He has preached and talked as no one ever has.

Or ever will.

What He preached is often missed.

Jesus preached The Law.

He told His 70 disciples not to witness to the Gentiles.

Until His resurrection.

Then He told His disciples to "go into all the world."

In my opinion, too few "Theologians" recognize that Jesus preached the Law.

And they apply His words to our salvation.

Words such as "Forgive or you will not be forgiven."

That is as applicable to our salvation as "Be perfect as your Father is perfect".

His teaching is of the Old Covenant.

It is a teaching we must desire to follow with all of our heart.

Yet when we fail, we must know this with all of our heart:

It. Is. Finished.

It's not up to us.

It's up to Him.

That is why it is Good News.