Save it for Sunday, Dad

Sometimes I use my daughters as a test crew.

I preach certain points at the dinner table.

I look to observe their reactions.

When I start to go too far out into theology, they give me a heads up.

"Save it for Sunday, Dad."

That's when I know it's time to stop preaching and start eating.

All I know is this.

Our Father did indeed "save it for Sunday."

He raised His Son from the grave.

On Sunday.

My Savior has "saved me on Sunday."

His Resurrection has become my salvation.

The Holy Spirit, every week, "saves us on Sunday."

As we gather in the House of the Lord.

We are saved by Grace.


Amazing Grace.

How Sweet the Sound.

That Saved a Wretch Like Me.

I hope we sing that song this weekend.

I think we outta save that one for Sunday!