Clean Windows

"Then Rahab let them down by a cord through the window..."

Joshua 2:15

The word for a cord in the our English Bible...

Is literally the cord in the Hebrew language.

Implying Rahab used a specific cord or rope to save the two Israelite spies.

Then she bound it out of her window for salvation.

Verse 18 will tell us it was a scarlet cord.

And she was a prostitute. 

Perhaps the scarlet cord was an advertisement.

The Red Light District.

Maybe a rope ladder of sorts. 

A secret point of entry to her place.

Yet, the very cord used for sin.

Was used for her salvation.

What was once an invitation for men to sleep with her.

Was now an invitation for the Lord to save her.

God didn't save you or I because we had clean windows.

He saved us and washed those windows clean.



The Fruit of the Spirit

"Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us...."

Rom. 12:6.

According to the grace....

The original word there is "charisma."

Or literally "gifts of grace."

Any gifting you have is by His grace.

As opposed to what the Bible calls "works of the flesh."

For when we endeavor in our own strength.

Our own ingenuity.

Our own endurance and self discipline.

....Or lack thereof.

It is always draining.



And even annoying. 

Hence, the works of the flesh.

As opposed to the fruit of the Spirit.

So today be reset.

Be refreshed.

Don't push things.

Simply trust.

Just rest.



Do You Agree?

Here is my (oversimplistic) take on the Bible.

The Law of the Old Testament is rigid.  

It is rough on the social "liberals."

For example, when a man picked up firewood on the Sabbath...

He was put to death.

The Law of the New Testament is also rigid.

But it is tough on the social "conservatives."

Whether Jesus confronting the Pharisees.

Or the Epistles calling out the Circumcisers. 

Therefore, I suggest that both the Liberal...

That means you, Leftist Leper.

And the Moral Majority....

Which is you, Conservative Concision.

Need Christ to be saved.

Equally so.

Jesus being crucified between two thieves...

Reminds me that the Left Wing can steal our salvation.

And so can the Right.

Do you agree with that perspective?



I Wonder....

"Love thy neighbor as thyself."

The Law of Love.

It's completely fulfilled in Christ.

That is a fact.

And here is another way of looking at it.

Just a suggestion.

The Law of Love might be proportional.

Can you "love thyself" sometimes more than others?

I think so.

And if you can, might that impact your ability to "love thy neighbor?"

Maybe it does.

Therefore, when you are down on yourself.

Perplexed by yourself.

Doubting yourself.

I wonder if God might cut you slack.

In loving your neighbor.

Because you are having a hard time...

Simply loving yourself.

Truly, God is Good

I was feeling blue yesterday.

Then I read about Tim McGrath.

He is my age.

He loves golf.

In 2015, half of his face was removed due to cancer.

"When I woke up I was in complete shock, as well as removing part of my face and bone structure, they had removed most of the muscle in my back, they had taken a rib, and they took part of my scapula and part of my shoulder too."

Recently, doctors figured out how to fill the gap in his face.

They took muscles from his leg to fill where his face used to be.

And now he is posting these things on Facebook....

"To allow others to draw inspiration and allow others to step back a understand how grateful you should be for health and family and also being able to complete the simplest of human functions, eating, drinking, and talking."

When I read that, I said to myself...

"My day really is not all that bad."

Truly, God is good.




It is common knowledge.

You don't hire your son.

Especially in the ministry.

That is what I have heard.

And maybe rightly so.

Yet I work and minister with (and for) my dad.

Not because I am doing him a favor.

Not because I am so qualified.

And certainly not because he'd never make it without me.

But I see Grace.

What if the Lord only gave you and I what we deserve?

We'd be standing in the unemployment line of eternity.

But God is our Father.

And like my Pops does for me.

God does us a favor.


From Head To Toe

"Then the priest shall consider:

and, behold, if the leprosy have covered all his flesh,

he shall pronounce him clean that hath the plague."

Leviticus 13:13.

You noticed that.


If a person has leprosy...

From head to toe...


And only then....

Is a leper yet with leprosy...

Declared clean.

When I confess to God.

That I am a sinner.

From head to toe.

In ways that I am unaware.

As well as the ways that I know.

Then I am clean.

My heart.

My mind.

My soul.




"All Unrighteousness"

Legalism conceals.

Lawlessness celebrates.

Yet Repentance confesses. 

I need not conceal my sin.

Neither should I celebrate it.

I merely confess it.

To my Lord.

And He cleanses me.

Not from "some" unrighteousness.

Not even from "most" unrighteousness.

But from "all" unrighteousness.