Embrace His Grace

If there is nothing fearful about the Holiness of God...

Then there is nothing amazing about His Grace.

Preaching through the Book of Judges...

Reveals to me that because God is to be feared...

I greatly embrace His Grace!

Judges 11

A man named Jephthah thought he could negotiate with God.

"Lord. You grant me victory. I offer whatever marches out to me first."

It cost him more than he bargained for.

It cost him his only daughter.

Don't bargain with God.

You can't afford to.

Receive His grace.

Give thanks to His Name.

He already paid the price.

Heaven. Heaven. Heaven.

Jon Courson has often said the following:

"For the unbeliever, this is the best it is ever going to be.

 Yet for the believer, this is the worst it is ever going to be."

Think about that....

Overdue bills.

Friction in the marriage.

Disc plate blown out.

This is the worst that it's ever going to be.

Also, think of it along these lines.

Making the All Star team.

The Honeymoon night.

Son graduates with honors.

This is the worst that it's ever going to be.

No matter how bad it is...

Or how good it is...

It is only going to get better.




I Will Go Do Them

I want to be Holy.

I want to walk in righteousness.

I want to do good works.

Be generous with my money.

Charitable to strangers.

Hospitable to the poor.

I want to be!

And when I am not doing those things...

Jesus Christ did them for me!

So, now...

I will go do them.

The Last Place he Would Look

How could the Savior....

Be born in a manger?

It wasn't the first choice of Joseph and Mary.


It was the last place the devil would suspect.

After all, whenever he even sniffed a coming Savior...

Satan would do his devil best to stamp it out.

He called up Cain.

Fired up Pharaoh.

Hit up Haman.

Hurried up Herod.

Who would have thought the Christ be birthed in a barn?

The devil didn't.

Thank God.

For anyone that thinks they are the last.

The last person Christ would want to live within.

You are the first person.

The first person He wants to save.

Indeed, in the Kingdom of God...

The last shall be first.





Not Far Away

I have a lot of loved ones in Heaven.

I have seen Heaven.

Today, we will celebrate Heaven.

My Grammy, Nadine Elder.

She is there.

She is having fun.

And I am reminded.

To share the Gospel.

Because Heaven is not that far away.

Catch Your Breath

"You denied the Holy One."

Those were Peter's words to the Jewish audience.

He had just told them if they repented that they would be "refreshed."

Acts 3:19.

Peter would know.

He had denied the Holy One.

He had repented.

And now, He was refreshed.

Repentance brings Refreshment.

The word "refreshed" in Acts 3:19 is literally...

"Catch one's breath."

Repent of your sin.

And catch your breath.

You will be refreshed.


Amazing Grace

Here's a challenge I'll lob your way.

Find one place in the Gospels where Jesus confronted a sinner.

By "sinner", you know what I mean...

A drunkard.

A woman working at a bar.

A tax cheat.

Or (fill in the blank).

Read through the Gospels.

And you won't find one.

But what you will see is where He gets furious with the hypocrites.

He turns over the tables of the self righteous.

And He tells the Pharisees that they are going to Hell.

Can I tell you why this is Good News to someone like me?

I know who I am.

I know where I've been.

I know how I need to be forgiven of my sin.

And I need Jesus.

I need His Word.

And I need Amazing Grace.