The Word of God

I spent hours of time preparing for today's Bible Study.

I prayed.

I read.

I wrote.

I came up with zilch.



Yet I will still open up the text.

(Genesis 20).

I find comfort in this:

It's God's Word.

Not mine.

It's His truth.

Not my commentary.

It's The Good Book.

Not Pete's Great Talking Points.

Thank God.

The power is not in me.

It is in the Word of God.

Don't Look Back

"Remember Lot's wife."

That is what Jesus said in Luke 17:32.

She was frozen.

By looking back.

When the angels had told her (and Lot)...

"Escape to the mountain."

Don't look back.

At your past.

Move on.

Move ahead.

To the Mountain.

"But you have come to Mount Zion,

And to the city of the living God,

The heavenly Jerusalem...."

Hebrews 12:22

That's The Spirit!

"God has not given us a spirit of fear.

But of power.

And love.

And a sober mind."

2 Timothy 1:7.




A Sober Mind.

Do not come from self help.

Or yoga.

Or a margarita.

Those three things come from...

His Spirit.

To ours.

And I need your prayers.

Prednisone is my drug.

It has been for 20 years.

I have tried.

And tried.

To get free from it.

To no avail.

When I take less than 10 grams...

I collapse.

Not physically.

Praise God.

But mentally.

I need His Spirit...

To give me a sober mind.




Happy Mother's Day

"It is good."

That was the Lord's remark after everything He had made.

With one exception.

"It is not good that man should be alone."

Adam needed Eve.

I needed my mom.

She stepped into 615 Hueners Lane.

And raised a rambunctious, eight year old, little dork.

(I am talking about me. And not my siblings. Necessarily.)

I need my wife.

She stepped up her game.

With each and every challenge.

And is raising beautiful, Godly, young ladies.

Dear mothers.

Your family needs you.

It would not be good for them to be without you.

Even if they don't always realize that....

God does.

And you should, too.

It is not good for man to be alone!

Thank you, Moms.

Where would we be without you?

Four Time Ministry

My grandmother wanted to be a missionary.

She and my grandfather went to seminary to do so.

Then, they had kids.

He worked at a bank.

She raised four children.

Each one of those kids served God in the full time ministry.

Including, my dad, Jon Courson.

God did not allow her to go into "full time ministry."

He allowed her into "Four Time Ministry."

She went to Heaven a few days ago.

And I promise you this; she is filled with joy....

That her husband was a banker.

That she was a mother.

And she was in the Four Time Ministry.

You have no way of knowing...

What God has in store for you.

It won't be what you had planned and hoped for.

It will be different.

And it will be better.

For Those 3

"Why do you not blog any longer?"

So asked my Mom.

And my Dad.

And my Wife.

All at the same time!

"Because nobody reads it!"

Spoken with a sheepish grin.

They all said they read it.

And have read the same post....

For Four Months!!!

Now that is love and commitment!

So I shall resume writing.

If only for those 3.

Because I love them very much!

Too Much Grace

If I am never...



Of preaching "too much grace"....

When it comes to God and a sinful believer....

Then I am not ministering like Jesus and Paul did.

When was the last time I was charged with "too much grace?"

Count Me Out ( I Pray)

Who hated Jesus?

I mean overall.

Tax collectors?



Or Pharisees?

You know the answer.

The following is said about the Pharisees in relationship to Jesus Christ:

They tried to "watch" Him, "test" Him,  "question" Him, and "trap" Him.

They "argued with" Him, "gathered (i.e. "swarmed") around" Him, and "plotted against" Him.

Finally, the Pharisees "sought to seize Him" and "tried to lay hands on Him."

Not one of those things are even hinted at...

 Concerning a public prostitute.

A Roman soldier.

A crazed demoniac.

Or a wandering multitude. 

In 2017, it may very well be the Pharisees who still want to crucify Him.

Therefore, whatever a "Pharisee" might be today...

I do not want to fall into that category.